What’s The Difference Between Everyday Makeup and Wedding Makeup?

If you’re someone who doesn’t wear makeup very often, you may find the idea of ‘going glam’ for your wedding to be a bit intimidating. You may wonder why you can’t just wear the bare minimum, or just the amount of makeup you’d usually wear for a simple night out.

Of course, no one NEEDS to wear makeup at all – if you’d rather not, that’s fine. But it’s really important to note the differences between ‘normal’ makeup and bridal makeup – there are quite a few!

Here’s where the two differ.

What’s the difference?

First of all, bridal makeup requires a lot more staying power. You’ll likely be putting on your bridal makeup first thing in the morning, before the events of the day kick off. You’ll be hot at points, not to mention the close contact and kissing of your new partner and family members who would like to congratulate you! 

During the process of putting on bridal makeup, your MUAs will use a good prime and base, then finish off your makeup with a great setting spray, such as the cult classic, Urban Decay All Nighter Spray, which is weightless, but can keep you makeup on for up for 16 hours!

Secondly, your bridal makeup requires a lot more thought than your standard, everyday makeup. You may have a go-to look, but on your wedding day, your bridal makeup ties into your entire look and theme. This is where your wedding makeup trial can seriously help. All trials take place three or four months before your wedding day and can help you nail down the look you want. Think of it as a dress rehearsal that will make things so much easier on the big day, rather than winging it!

Finally – it’s your big day! We want to make you look your best. As experts, we know which brands will last and are better quality with ingredients to ensure your wedding makeup lasts from morning until night. Some of our makeup artists have worked for luxury makeup brands, and bring you a wealth of product and skincare knowledge – we truly believe on such an important day you deserve the best of the best!

Are you keen on wanting to wear a lot of makeup on your wedding day to transform your look, or are you happy to stick with a natural bridal look?

Photocredit: www.patrickwatsonphotography.co.uk

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