5 Wedding Makeup Trends Brides Will Go Wild For In 2022

We’re back for another brand new year and like taxes, there’s something else you can always guarantee each year…weddings! 2022 looks set to be a bumper year; there’s still so many people who have postponed their weddings from 2020 and of course, a brand new wave of Christmas engagements.

We’ve kept our ears to the ground and have scouted the best upcoming trends that we know you will just LOVE in 2022. We can’t wait to get our hands on you to try these out – let us know which one is your favourite!

Remember, these are just suggested trends for this year. You don’t HAVE to choose any of these for your wedding to be lovely, but perhaps they’ll give you a little inspiration if you’re stuck.

Pink and peach tones
“A soft pink completes the look for a blushing bride, and a peach makes for a modern one”. Okay, we made that quote up, but it makes sense, doesn’t it?! You can incorporate these beautiful tones into your look via blush, using Peach by Laura Mercier, or with an eyeshadow such as the Pillow Talk quad by Charlotte Tilbury. Alternatively, add a nude pink lip with Barbarella by NARS.

A bolder look than the softer pink and peaches, this wedding trend for 2022 is designed to draw the eye and the perfect chic twist to your look on your wedding day. Metallics can be really sophisticated if applied well, so don’t worry about the high glamour embellishment being too much, and just focus on the 2022 modernity that it will bring to your wedding makeup. We love the Glitter Stick by Stila to add drama.

Fox Eyes
We’re not suggesting you get a cosmetic procedure done! You can achieve this look, popular with celebrities Bella Hadid and Ariana Grande with simple makeup. This involves soft face makeup with heavier emphasis on the eyes. Wing out the upper liner and use tape to carefully blend the shadow outwards using a small angled brush and then apply lashes at the outer edge, giving the appearance of a lift of the eyes.

Dewy Skin
This one never goes out of fashion. All brides want hydrated, fresh, supple, glowing, and smooth skin ready for their big day. Prepare your skin well with Futuredew by Glossier to make your skin look brighter, instantly. 

Subtle Highlight
Where beacons of highlight were once au fait, it’s going in with a gentler hand which will be the way for 2022. If you aren’t careful, some highlighters can create a bounceback when photographed, which isn’t the problem you want to have on your wedding day! So, proceed with caution and just touch on the areas the light naturally hits, with a product such as Fort De France by NARS.

Are there any other wedding trends for 2022 you’ve spotted and are keen to build into your wedding look? Get in touch now and let us know.

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