Most Coveted 2021 Bridal Makeup Looks

Hooray! Weddings are back ON this summer and I can’t wait to create incredible looks for my brides. It’s been a year since the last true wedding season, and with time comes changes in trends. So, what’s new for brides in 2021?

It may be no surprise to you that after the rollercoaster that was 2020, there are some curveballs and slightly ‘off-piste’ trends included in this list. Don’t forget, you don’t HAVE to follow the trends. There’s nothing wrong with a simple, classic look that will always be timeless, no matter the year. You can also tweak trends to work for you, whether that’s toning down a look or adding a small nod to it into your look – but if you’re looking for something a little bit different, why not?

When you contact me to arrange your trial, we will talk about the kind of look you’d like to achieve for your big day, to ensure it’s perfect for you. After all, that’s the most important thing.

1. High Fashion Looks
Bored of staying inside and having bare faces for most of last year, brides are now excited to go bolder with their bridal makeup and create a strong look. This look is dramatic, with a geometric eyeliner look. This might sound a little scary, but you can always take a part of a trend and make it work for you, such as using Benefit’s Roller Liner to create a darker, bolder eyeliner look than you’d usually go for.

2. Colourful Eyes
Where once the colour in a bridal makeup look may be left to the lips to create the impact, the fact that we’re still going to be wearing masks is something which is changing up our usual look. Now, brides are beginning to add a pop of colour to their eyes, making the most of these features while letting their lips take a backseat with a classic nude. It doesn’t have to be bright, pantomime makeup either – how about a wash of lilac across the eyelids, such as Glossier’s Skywash in Pool?

3. Clear, Light-touch Complexions
With everyone investing in their skincare routines last year (well, what else was there to do?), it’s likely that the mask-like look of heavy bridal makeup is gone, at least for a while. Glowing, barely-there bases are where it’s at, allowing natural beauty to shine though. Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Foundation is a medium coverage buildable base, allowing you to apply as much or as little as you need.

4. Embellishments and Glitter
While not for everyone, this is certainly a trend that is being explored. Glitter and crystal adornments can be used in no end of ways and can be as obvious or as subtle as you like. For a dramatic look, you could add crystals or gems to your eyes to finish off your makeup look, or for something a little more subtle that still gives a nod to the trend, use a glitter eyeshadow to really make your lids pop, such as this glowy liquid eyeshadow from Stila.

Are there any wedding makeup trends for 2021 on this list that pique your interest or that you’re definitely NOT going to try?

Kerry + The CMA Team x

Photocredit Gareth Jones Photography 

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